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AUDIOVISUAL. Sagan Calendar. Transcripción. 2000

Sagan Calendar


Welcome to La Rioja, land of openness. In order to understand the tick of time, Doctor Carl Sagan and I have devised a simple compressed calendar which presents the events in the course of a metaphoric year.

Thus, the first day of January the solar system would be formed. On January 22nd the Earth would be born, while towards February 21st the oceans would cover the entire surface of our planet. By late March the first living cells are originated, which evolve during six long months until the Cambrian explosion of life sets off in November 22nd. During the same period, a sole continent called Pangea would form on the surface of the planet. The first days of December 00:01:48 would see how the different continental shelves started slowly sliding to find their place on the spherical planetary surface. In December 12th that changing world witnessed the birth... of dinosaurs. These extraordinary creatures became extinct two weeks later, by December 26th, when the moving continents were still working on their final configuration.

00:02:35 According to an inspiring theory, the seam in the Iberian Peninsula would be located in current-day Ebro Valley. Finally, with the onset of the last days of the year, the lands would look nearly the same as we know nowadays, with the rivers and mountain ranges familiar to us. In December 31st our world was ready to accommodate the history of the human species.


(3’ 53”) File #23

Logroño, 2000