Español / English 20:09 ; Saturday 16 October 2021

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Energetic spanish artists at Cast Iron Gallery

Two notable young artists and a well know experienced photomontagist are holding solo shows in the large galleries of the Cast Iron Gallery, 159 Mercer Street, January 30 to February 18, curated by Carlos I. Jimenez. The photomontages of Carmelo Hernando, assembled as a series, “Fear of Art”, are a striking and skillfully rendered juxtaposition of colorful contrasting images of Spanish history, culture and art. They summarize in a contemporary idiom the social statement of the of the artist “during the 16 years of my career”, the period since the death of General Franco. They depict a Spanish nobleman raising a glass of wine to a roaring red dragon, as well as a large pop poster of five smiling male faces, “Los Bocheros”.

©Abraham Ilein
©Artspeak, issue of March, 1993