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AUDIOVISUAL. Current work of art. Transcription. March 2007

Current work of art - 2'12"

I am an atomic child
My nursery rhyme was the detonation of 5,485 thermonuclear bombs.
Even though it is just a conventionality it is still strange to think that we accepted to set the timer at zero only two thousand and seven years ago, knowing all the while—and with each day more exactitude—the chronological evolution of our blue planet.
We can now affirm that having based our development on the consumption of fossil fuels—a product of our past—has conditioned our present and is with all certainty destroying our future.
John Heartfield had a keen eye. Twelve years after he founded Dadá and eight years before the Second World War, he used Hitler’s face to semantically reveal that the emperor, once again, was naked.
Dadá defined photomontage as a powerful binary art that can take the form of advertising and politics alike.
2007 is the thirtieth anniversary of the serialized edition of my first color prints as well as my arrival in Barcelona, and this spring is the twenty-fifth anniversary of my first individual exhibition in this city.
So many things were lost between the nineteenth and twentieth centuries that now, at the onset of the twenty-first, I am returning my attention to the painters I set my eyes on as a child: René Magritte, Giorgio de Chirico and Henri Rousseau.
Thus, just like the customs officer, or even a little later than him, I have decided to use oil paints for the first time in my life.
Through them I am searching for transcendence in color, and in the formality to simply represent ancient anthropomorphic deities SUCH AS Khum himself, the ram that created human beings, with a piece of clay on his potter’s wheel, upriver at the mysterious source of the Nile.