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TALE 4. The Arabian Nights

Osoxile Productions Presents:

El Gran Teatro de Maese Travieso

Today: The Arabian Nights

The newspaper EL PAIS says that this is a splendid play.

And LE MONDE says: the best is the girl who plays Scheherazade.

And a critic at the HERALD TRIBUNE is categorical. Listen: Scheherazade, a slave that every night cured the great sultan's insomnia, by telling him a tale until he fell asleep. That's the best role in the play.

I always fall asleep five minutes after the curtain goes up. If I don't see the end this time, I will buy dinner to the entire audience.

Scheherazade, Scheherazade, Scheherazade! She's like a toilet in a department store, you can never find it when you really need it.

Coming! Did you call me, sir?

Scheherazade. I got a problem.

A problem, his majesty?

Yes, I cannot sleep. This is my third siesta without sleeping a wink.

Scheherazade, why don't tell me a tale to get me asleep?

Relax. I'm going to tell you Fatima’s story. Oh! He really tries my patience! Listen: everything started on a bright sunny day.

I went with my friend Fatima to the market. I remember I said goodbye to her and I last saw her at the vegetable stall. That's why when I see a lettuce think to myself: Poor Fatima! Who could imagine what fate had in store for her? And then I eat the lettuce in one bite.

And what happened?

In that market a tragedy was being hatched. Wicked Ali Baba had commanded his 40 thieves to kidnap Fatima.


Impossible, Scheherazade. That was...

Well! If you keep interrupting me all the time, we'd better stop.

No, no, no, no! Keep going, for pity's sake.

What? Have you done your job?

Yes, boss. Poor Fatima could hardly resist.

Well, let's talk shop. How was the day?

Splendid. This bag is full of precious stones.

And this one, full of coins.

And this one, full of gold

Perfect, my loyal thieves.

Go and hide it in the hideout. What's today's password?

"Open, sesame"

Open this at me?

That thief is a dim!

“Open this at me” o “that thief is a dim!” So, which one of them?

Go, fast! Meet me where you know!

Ali Baba didn't know that a boy, called Aladdin, had heard his every last word.

Well, this afternoon is getting very interesting. I’ll follow them to their hideout.

Aladdin tailed the thieves through the desert. They walked and walked all day long. Suddenly, Aladdin was distracted by some music. He tried to find where it came from and saw a young man playing the flute. He lost track of the thieves and decided to approach to the musician.

Hey! What are you doing here?

My name is Sinbad and I’m looking for a jewel.

I’ve never seen a haystack, but looking for a jewel in a desert is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

My jewel’s name is Fatima. Yesterday, she was kidnapped by some criminals in the city.

Well, I can tell you that I know those criminals. They are Ali Baba’s gang, and I was just following them to their hideout, but I’ve lost their trail.

I know where their hideout is! But it is impossible to break in! It’s sealed with a huge rock that will only open when certain magic words, that no one knows, are said.

Then, you are talking to "no one".

Do you know those words?

Bring me there and trust me!

Follow me!

Aladdin and Sinbad waited until the thieves left the cave and then went there. In front of the big rock that blocked the entrance, Aladdin said the magic words!

Open Sesame!

Look, Sinbad. This is the place in which Ali Baba has been hiding all the treasures he stole along all these years. It is full of jewels!

Yes, but, my jewel is not here.

Wait! There’s an oil lamp. If we light it, we might find a clue. Look! There are some inscriptions on it!

What does it say?

I don’t know, it is very dirty!

Let’s rub it!

Good heavens! What is that?

It’s clear enough! It is the genie of the lamp you took!

Who dares to wake me up?

Never mind and keep on sleeping!

Impossible! What is started must get to an end.

What do you want from us?

Me? What do you want from me, you should say! When someone rubs the lamp, I am released from its interior, and I can only return inside after I have carried out three wishes for my liberator.

So we want…

We want a means of transport to reach Fatima.

That’s it! One that is big enough to carry part of all this treasures!

Mmm... You are not making it any easier for me.

Well, we found a genie who’s not a genius!

I got it! Hop!

And where was Fatima?

In Ali Baba’s Palace.

What do you want!

I want everything!

Am I worth so much?

How much is a jewel?

For a kid, a balloon is more expensive.

You will be my jewel, and when I am old and as clumsy as a child, you’ll be my balloon.

In the meantime, Aladdin, Sinbad and the Genie were getting to Ali Baba’s Palace.

What means of transport was given to them?

Haven't you guessed yet, my lord?

Fatima is in the Palace. Behind that door.

Genie, if I not wrong, we still have two wishes.

Let’s see. Three minus one... Yes! Correct! You have still have two!

So it will be down to one! Our second wish is to get rid of those four Muppets!

This time I will do something very subtle!


A huge elephant!

And it is out to get us!

Le’ts run!

Don’t run! If there’s an elephant, there’s a fair, and a fair means balloons!

What is all that noise? It is impossible to keep one's hostages in peace!

Ali Baba, give Fatima to me, or you will give me your life!

Who’s fool enough to say so many times the word "give" to a thief?

This is Sinbad!

No, this was Sinbad. Your time is up!

Look, look!

Sinbad! You came to set me free! How did you do it?

Let’s say it was a matter of ingenuosity!

Quick, release me!

Sinbad! Sinbad!

Here, help me to free Fatima! Pull!

You’re hurting me!

Nothing, it’s impossible!

Let’s try another thing!

Genie, help us!

Is this one your third wish?

Yes, yes!


Fatima! My most precious jewel!

Am I your biggest Jewel?

Yes, you are the biggest and the smallest one. When I’m with you, my heart pumps up as a balloon!

He’s flying on a balloon!

I’ve carried out your three wishes! And now, lamp… home! It’s time to go! I really like you! Then I’ll award you for free with some wishes I’ve never offered to any mortal.



No, no. My best wishes! See you soon, my friends!

See you! I think I’ll miss the genie.

So, it was a witty Genie!

And that is how Aladdin’s story ends. As you have seen, it is a real story.

Are you listen to me, Sultan? Oh? He fell asleep. I wonder if he has ever heard the end of any of my stories.

Damn! I missed the end again!

Shut up! It is impossible to sleep here!



Well, I’ll try it tomorrow!